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Useful AS and A Level Physics Files

The Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing gives students the practical skills and applied knowledge they’ll need in business. Practical elements build on theoretical knowledge so that students can put their learning into practice while also developing valuable transferable skills.

Specification code: J819
Qualification number: 603/0646/4
Performance table status: Included on 2020 performance tables

Computer Science Files for Course modules.

"Using computer science to develop a way of living that  improves the quality of life for all"

Digital Literacy

Year 9 Computing 2017-2018 Mrs Philora

This is where the contect for year 9 will be provided.

Year 9 Computing 2016 to 2017

Year 10 Computing New Spec 2016 to 2017

Computing theory

For the use of Y8 students in RBA class

OCR Engineering course.

Vcert food technology level 2 year 11

BTEC Engineering

D&T 9-1 AREA

Introduction and use of 2D Design for drawing of graphical products.

Lego programming course for use with the Lego Mindset and Smart Block equipment.

Circuit Wizard Course for KS3 groups.

Scheme for the Autodesk Inventor project

A level product design Area

A course for Y7 being taught by RBA

please use this space to upload any remaining and outstanding work from care practise unit. Please check the tracker on SMH for what is missing.

Red or white means missing - green means I have it and you have handed in.

this must be done this week.

To investigate methods of research and carry out own research, including analysis of data and evaluation. 

To discuss CAM's therapies and understand the 5 categories.

Also investigate how and why they are used, compare them to orthodox medicines and analyse modern opinions and thoughts of these techniques.  

Introduction to AO1 Demographic Statistics. Planning, targets and standards. Complete all questions on the July Help Sheet

Introduction to AO1 Demographic Statistics. Planning, targets and standards. Complete all the questions on the July Help Sheet.

Developing Skills

Please ensure you complete all sections fully and upload the material to the correct location

The PowerPoint and associated notes and handouts from the Sixth Form Assembly on Stress